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WNAMM09: Sing Into Songsmith - Get a Backing Track
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robgs    Said...

Have you seen the trailer for this?....

I guess this product is aimed at people that can't sing.

28-Jan-09 04:31 AM

Nick B    Said...

Maybe, but I can see applications for people who say carry a dictaphone around to mumble ideas into, with this you could turn your random warblings into something more concrete no?

28-Jan-09 05:34 AM

robgs    Said...

Fair point, but I can only see this as a 'rough' starting point in a composition. Don't you think everything seemed very similar tune-wise, more akin to easy-listening coffee shop jazz than something new and edgy.

28-Jan-09 06:13 AM

Nick B    Said...

Sure, I'm really only interested in it throwing the right chords under it.

I imagine one sings a tune, you sort of have an idea in your head how the chords should be, this might get you there, I wouldnt expect to use the actualy arrangement lines etc

28-Jan-09 07:27 AM

anon    Said...

the microsoft guys song is freakin hilarious.

29-Jan-09 12:47 AM

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