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WNAMM09: John Bowen's Solaris Nears Production
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fizmo    Said...

when it's finally released i'll find it hard to keep my polar. i love the displays and rotary encoders, much smarter than most manufacturers.

26-Jan-09 06:55 PM

selercs    Said...

not bad at all...every time i see these videos by individual designers, i think of 2 camps: 1) the 'small' camp consisting of roger linn, dave smith, stephen kay, bob moog (rip) and john bowen; 2) the 'big' camp consisting of ikutaro kakehashi, tsutomu katoh, toshi kunitomo (correct spellings?)...

26-Jan-09 09:50 PM

selercs    Said...

ahhh...why did i forget raymond kurzweil for the big camp???

26-Jan-09 09:51 PM

zkmee    Said...

sounds ok from the short demo, though i am sure the real thing will sound very nice based on bowen's experience designing creamware stuff.

i also like the multi-LCD display even if it doesn't have the raw graphics power of a roland fantom-g...but heck, nothing compares to fantom-g graphics yet, not even vst plugins.

the thing is absolutely huge owing to menu reduction resulting in more displays, so some may prefer the virus or other smaller VAs...

26-Jan-09 09:57 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

now this looks like something really special. Bowen wrote a lot of the presets on the original P5's, which you heard on everything for a decade. It sounds delicioux..price?

28-Jan-09 08:25 AM

expensive&timeconsuming    Said...

Guys, this is to huge to be intuitive...even John Bowen seems to have lost his way around it..(now where do I change the sound hmmm..)

29-Jan-09 12:02 PM

selercs    Said...

good synth and respect to mr. john bowen for his innovation and contribution to synthesizer industry since the early days: HOWEVER, i would prefer buying a REAL analog anyday over VAs (except Virus).

my next synth is probably going to be a prophet 08 or alesis andromeda (andromeda has more polyphony and multitimbrality and effects than prophet 08, put p-08 has its own great characteristic sound).

30-Jan-09 05:16 PM

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