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Podcast: Sonic TALK114 - Post NAMM Post Mortem 2009
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steve from Saskatchewan    Said...


Have you heard about 4Front's True Piano vst? It's 50meg, and from what I understand uses sampling for the first few ms of attack, and then physical modelling after that...

At 50meg per piano, it replaced my akoustic piano and bosendorfer280 that I used previously...

23-Jan-09 03:09 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Cool podcast, I'm very impressed that you managed to get it done so quickly after arriving back from NAMM, wasn't expecting it this week!

23-Jan-09 06:39 PM

RedWalks    Said...

Hey Nick !

...better 24h late than some emergency watering of the flight on the river thames! ;-) But even without the pod going it was fun chatting to some regulars. I didn`t know ur running a comedy show over here but to everyone I recommend the Akai videos - the presenter is hillarious doing maths - check it !!!

Cya,Red !

24-Jan-09 05:54 AM

hiltonius    Said...

thanks so much, steve. i'm going to check out True PIano.

24-Jan-09 07:43 AM

buzzer    Said...

how could you have missed this:

26-Jan-09 09:04 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah, I'm sorry not have got this, but we can only do what is humanly possible, and to be fair that first link also shows that Synthtopia missed it too :-)

26-Jan-09 03:50 PM

Steve from Saskatchewan    Said...

and PJ, before you make the move to Live8, you might want to check out this thread:

It's all about how recording anything into Live with monitoring turned out introduces unavoidable delay... I love Live myself, but this is a problem for many...

28-Jan-09 09:24 AM

P.J.    Said...

Thanks Steve. Once upon a time...I was a Digi PTs user, I think for tracking, some editing and mixing, I might likely migrate back to the fold. However, alot of what I do involves VIs and the odd overdub. If the MIDI tools have matured in Live 8, I think it would serve about 85% of my current need.

We shall see.

29-Jan-09 05:03 PM

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