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WNAMM09: FX Pansion Unveil New Component Modeled Synths
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loneraver    Said...

So far this is the most interesting thing from NAMM. Everything else is just a product of playing-it-safe

22-Jan-09 05:26 PM

fizmo    Said...

truly ridiculous amount of features, excited to finally see it in a store. but it'll probibly cost as much as n.i.'s completec instrument box.

22-Jan-09 06:17 PM

Name    Said...

Pretty complex bundle they put together, too bad the guy can't play keys lol.

22-Jan-09 08:17 PM

Brent    Said...

Love the NAMM videos guys, but you really need to figure out why the audio incessantly pops during playback. Kind of ruins some of these great demos. Happening on Mac OSX (both Leopard and Tiger) in both Firefox and Safari.

22-Jan-09 08:55 PM

DAVERKID    Said...

SORRY.... no effects NO CIGAR.....i'll take the Korg M50 anyday

23-Jan-09 12:11 AM

Slammin    Said...

There ARE effects - inside Fusor!!

23-Jan-09 01:11 AM


Look very nice. DAVERKID, probably best watch the video before making comments

23-Jan-09 07:55 AM

hiltonius    Said...

i totally don't get this thing.....

you take the trouble to circuit-model existing gear, but then you build synths that resemble nothing that ever came before, thus rendering any comparisons useless.

that, in and of itself, wouldn't be so bad, but the sounds this guy is demoing are, to my ear, utter crap.

i believe there is literally nothing in this demo that captures my interest at all.

26-Jan-09 08:06 AM

Jaman    Said...

Analog schmanalog.

Give us something new!

28-Jan-09 07:10 AM

Jesse    Said...

I think it is great that someone "moves on" and creates new instruments instead of just looking back at old ones. They modeled the great vintage "real" sound and brought the features to 2009. That is truly great.

Now let's see the price.

29-Jan-09 01:25 AM

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