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WNAMM09 Arturia Mini Moog 2 Demo
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mick    Said...

Omg is this demonstration bad. Arpeggio-> "Sounds like a Moog"! *big eyes:-)* Yes, of course it does, because the Mini always had an arpeeggiator, how could I forget. Also do we really need a morphing patch matrix? Why not investing time and money in making the cs-80v what it should be. Oh my...

22-Jan-09 07:44 AM

robgs    Said...

so..... it's not really a minimoog anymore is it?

22-Jan-09 08:28 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

The most interesting feature here seems to be the sound map. It would have been good to know if you could move around the map to a certain position and actually save it to patch memory. The 'super envelopes' are good also.

I don't think I'd actually pay for the upgrade though. Good thing its free (sounds like it is).

22-Jan-09 08:45 AM

S R Dhain    Said...

At one point, the demonstrator nods to himself and says:-

" sounds like an original moog", it doesnt sound like an original anything. Ive always had a moog in my studio (currently a voyager), and even after outboarding and compression, they NEVER sound as "interesting" as this (smirk) :-D

22-Jan-09 10:01 AM

Mott Live '09    Said...

Dave's 'Monsta' ,still, smokes this...

Agreed, they should've concentrated more on the CS80V; it's Arturia's only synth that I like.

Sonically, WayOutWare's timewARP 2600 just mops up Arturia's

They should have never done the P5 or J8; I wish Dave and Chris could have done these.


22-Jan-09 01:09 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I wish somebody out there would do a good software VCS3. The one made by EMS is awful and overpriced. I'm tempted to build a clone from the circuit diagrams in the service manual, but half the components don't even exist anymore and the pin matrix probably costs an arm & a leg on its own.

22-Jan-09 02:24 PM

my mind    Said...

It's like adding matrix modulation and new waveforms for tb-303...

22-Jan-09 10:04 PM

j    Said...

Notice how he mispronounces the word "Moog".


28-Jan-09 06:18 PM

I    Said...

You can tell he's a computer geek & not a muso. lol As for his marketing skills..?Hmmm

If they play around with it anymore, they'll take it away from what they've set out to achieve... Which is an authentic sounding software version of a minimoog!

All these 'add-ons' could've been put to better use... Like a whole new synth???

09-Mar-09 05:43 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Can't be good to have the official booth demonstrator mispronouncing the name of the product. *Pedants will inherit the earth!*

02-Apr-09 10:51 AM

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