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WNAMM09: Akai Demo The New Controller
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Mister Obvious    Said...

Hey dude... that's a rectangle.

20-Jan-09 12:45 PM

fizmo    Said...

maybe he thought it was an isosceles triangle?. but still don't know how he missed the forth side. wasn't he with numark last namm when they announced the tti turntable?

20-Jan-09 01:16 PM

Dante    Said...

"APC" stands for "Incredible Performance Controller"?

20-Jan-09 02:01 PM

Hidden Driveways    Said...

Ease up a little... working a busy trade show floor melts the brain pretty hard.

20-Jan-09 04:33 PM

Orge    Said...


20-Jan-09 05:04 PM

Bill gates    Said...

Numark = Akai fyi

21-Jan-09 02:11 AM

Basil St. Cecil    Said...

I must buy this just so Mr. McGregor can get hisself a comb.

I enjoyed the way that Nick went all Mike Wallace on him, and got the real info, the straight dope, etc.

I'd be anxious to try that controller dealy with Reason.

B St. C

21-Jan-09 09:34 AM

flux302    Said...

man this looks very nice i loke the led around the knobs and the ease of use it presents. just the fact you can tap tempo nd have everything sync perfect is fun.

24-Jan-09 07:51 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Gentlemen, bow to your new leader!

I can't wait for the cleverdicks to tell me what's wrong with it, because this controller, coupled with a good macbook pro, surely must be about as close to a perfect performance system as you could imagine yourself. For imperfect systems, check out the Novation Remote Zero SL (mk1)

Although ideal for clip-selection, nobody has mentioned using 'the matrix' as a surface for tapping out drum beats. Does anybody know if the pads are velocity sensitive? (For those of us who require 40 active drum samples at any one time) I have a HORRIBLE feeling that they aren't, but surely Akai couldn't be so.. well, I don't think STUPID is too strong a word for it - just look at Novation

05-Apr-09 10:40 AM

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