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WNAMM09: Arturia Brass Demo
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joki    Said...

dudes HD cameras are already cheap and HD flash players are around ( why posting such low quality flash videos at sonicstate?

18-Jan-09 07:29 AM

dudeX    Said...

true, videos at sonicstate just suck

18-Jan-09 07:33 AM

Dajebus    Said...

sadly your right.

can someone point the people here to VIMEO? Once you see a nice HD video online it's hard to go back to this muddy crap.

18-Jan-09 08:20 AM

Nick Byvmkb    Said...

The thing about using that sort of service is that the upload and turnaround is going to be much longer. Obviously, you cant please everybody...

Perhaps you folks would like to try it yourselves

18-Jan-09 09:28 AM

crkhe    Said...

you ungrateful bunch of spoilt assholes.

18-Jan-09 09:38 AM

Tim    Said...

HD video is all and well, but imagine the bandwidth costs to stream it out to tens of thousands of people...

Sonic State is ultimately a news bulletin site, they aren't doing critical reviews. They alert you to new products but it's up to you to check out the products in more detail.

18-Jan-09 07:33 PM

Dr.Wu    Said...

i dont think HD would have helped to make this particular demo sound or look any better....... ;-)

19-Jan-09 01:18 AM

puffer    Said...

You care about HD video for a trade floor demo video? Really?

Ha ha. You have small lives.

I like how the interviewer got the rep to stumble by asking about the timing variations on the harmonize feature. Also, why didn't he play the full horn section? Dude, that's the horn section money shot! Also, technically, Sax isn't a brass instrument, but that's just being pedantic.

19-Jan-09 08:15 PM


@ crkhe, you couldn't say it any better man. I mean what are these guys thinking? yall ain't paying the people @ sonicstate to put up the video, they doing it to alert us about new products, just like "Tim" said... So if you don't like the quality, then go somewhere else....

20-Jan-09 01:31 AM

real muso    Said...

product rep is pretty clueless when it comes to music - doesn't really comprehend the difference between legato and staccato or what the idiomatic playing ranges of these instruments are - just a computer jockey - not a musician.

20-Jan-09 05:33 PM

Fred67    Said...

I just don´t understand why you are complaining, guys.. Sonicstate is doing a great coverage, uploading videos, giving us news.....FOR FREE.

Who cares if the videos are not HD, or the sound is not superperfect. At least you can get an insight of whats going on out there.

Yeah, I agree with crkhe.

21-Jan-09 12:45 AM

henrik    Said...

It doesn't sound very good to my ears. It might sound better if an experienced player used it with a breath controller. However, I think they should focus more on making these things easier to use for those who can't play brass instruments.

There's a pretty steep learning curve if you want realistic results out of it. I could just as well learn the real instrument instead ;)

It should be very possible to implement some kind of "intelligence" into these things.

21-Jan-09 12:28 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I'm not impressed with this product at all. I think I could have gotten better brass sounds out of my old Korg Z1 in its time. The user interface is pretty clunky and somewhat tacky looking. When I select a saxophone, why would I want a 3D rotating sax to appear on my screen, only to settle down and take up the majority of the app window? If Arturia's goal here was to produce a mediocre sounding product with a UI designed by a 10 year-old then they appear to have succeeded. Quite a contrast from the rest of their range which I personally adore.

I don't understand the problem people are having with the vids. I'd rather have SonicState's high level of intelligent, quality content than a corresponding HD movie produced by clueless morons on some of the other sites.

21-Jan-09 11:16 PM

Emmit    Said...

seriously? if you think you can do better than the guy at the booth the companies are always posting jobs. Get out of your mom's basements and quit bitching about HD streaming. Seriously. How many posts did it take to actually bring up the product?

Sonic State...keep it up. all you douche bags that have nothing better to do but complain. GFY.

22-Jan-09 02:05 AM

dogboy    Said...

Ignoring Arturia, I'm totally amazed at how anyone can be critical of Sonicstate's work. They provide us with great coverage of shows and products that otherwise would pass me by.

So thanks guys. Ignore the idiots because most of us appreciate your hard work.

22-Jan-09 03:43 AM

slammah2012    Said...

this Arturia rep is there not because he knows the product,....but because he speaks english....

Why weren't you showing the updated features??? I own the original.... what the hell was that supposed to upgrade?

There were things I read about the update that he didnt aproach...instead plays a pre recorded midi file and jams along..... thanks for wasting a customers time ...

23-Jan-09 12:09 AM

Peter J.    Said...

Sounds aweful. There are way better physical modeling sounds in the Patchman TURBO chip for the Yamaha VL70-m.

24-Jan-09 11:23 AM

eegor    Said...

I don't understand - it sounds really bad. It's plastic with glass. Not even close to the real thing.

27-Jan-09 11:46 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Oh the poor man Just watch the smile melt from his face when he realizes that Nick is completely unimpressed by the harmonizing midi effect and is actually drawing attention to that awful latency.. He knows exactly what it is he's trying and failing to be enthusiastic about. What an embarrassing video, I love it! it's like The Office!

But it's easy to mock - the truth is, physical modeling is going to descend and destroy, erupting in an apocalypse of new and overwhelming feats of realism that will send Nick Pheonix and his boys fleeing in shame, and Arturia will be right there at the head of it all, for daring to palm this crap off on us when nobody else would (..have the audacity!)

05-Apr-09 11:14 AM

bobbybass    Said...

"Perhaps you folks would like to try it yourselves"

no sonicstate should upload to viemo, were not the ones getting paid by manufacturers for ads. its not like youre doing a charity or something. its your job not ours

16-Apr-09 11:11 AM

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