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WNAMM09: Microkorg XL Demo
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Yann D    Said...

Sounds fantastic considering it looks so bad on the photos... Korg might just have a winner if they price it right!

17-Jan-09 02:39 PM

²    Said...

awesome, and it even has computer integration.. that sweet.

17-Jan-09 06:04 PM

tukon4    Said...

MicroKorg XL, XtraLame! They could have come up with a better microKorg legacy product!

I'll take a yellow one though!

17-Jan-09 06:41 PM

selercs    Said...

sigh! some people (tukon4) always want to complain. nothing beats a fat korg sound and microxl is a great evolution from the original. but only question is 'why R3 then?'

18-Jan-09 01:06 AM

Duh    Said...

Imagine how cool it would be if it was analog like everybody wants.

18-Jan-09 02:33 AM

Chinney    Said...

Sounds great it looks horrid lol Why didnt they go with the look of the first microkorg!!!

18-Jan-09 10:12 AM

Yann D    Said...

Second that. Mabye without that horrible light-brown - why do all really cheap synths have to look so bad? ;-)

19-Jan-09 10:53 AM

synthgeek    Said...

because they are cheap!!!!

21-Jan-09 06:13 PM

cucù    Said...


24-Jan-09 04:49 AM

Steveo    Said...

WTF ! DJ switches ! How old is that guy ???

26-Jan-09 12:57 PM

pel    Said...

giant vintage knobs! ha ha

01-Feb-09 05:17 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I've had my microkorg XL for about 3 days now. It's the first thing over £150 that I've impulse-bought. So far: severely satisfied! I was put off the R3 because of some design element I took a disliking to, instead aspiring to the Radias. The microkorg XL seemed to come out of nowhere and when I saw it in the store, it immediately grabbed my attention. Physically, it's slightly too long to fit in my rucksack, but that's the only thing that's not VERY small about it. It's weighs next to nothing. The keys: if I'd seen it in a photo, I would've dismissed it as too novelty-toy-like, but.. it works! I don't know if it's the combination of the low sensitivity and the virtually action-free keyboard, but it feels very natural to skip around on and play. The thing which really got me really interested was the sound and the presets. All brilliant and brilliantly laid out: shut up, it works! As a musician (very not a programmer) the analogue stuff sounds realistic (to me) and the electronica stuff sounds familiar but fresh. I'm sure a programmer/patch designer would dismiss it all as ordinary - but I'm left with a rich palette to draw from. The PCM sounds are surprisingly impressive (the acoustic piano sounds better than my Korg X5!). Coming from a Xiosynth, which is maybe the worst synth of all time) it's an absolute treat. Not one moment of this video (this sounds so facetious and I don't mean it to!) gives you a true sense of the machine - it's so much better..

Horses for of courses - it suits my needs because I'm not much of a studio-guy, but apart from the grotesque-but-rational price - it's a brilliantly inventive solution without being an outright novelty. Who needs a Radias?

24-Feb-09 09:29 AM

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