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WNAMM09: Muse Announce The Muse Box
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selercs    Said...

its a disappointment. i was hoping muse would create a synth box with a real control surface (pads,faders,knobs) but instead what have we got?

17-Jan-09 01:52 AM

curlz    Said...

I don't know. It could be very cooll..I'd like to check one out when it comes out...

20-Jan-09 11:29 AM

arny    Said...

v-machine seems cooler

20-Jan-09 10:44 PM

Anomoly    Said...

if it came down in price... it might be usuable. (sub $300)

24-Jan-09 01:35 PM

jean    Said...

Yeah, v-machine might seem cool, but I've heard it doesn't really work...

28-Jan-09 09:47 AM

delafuerte    Said...

V-Machine works, but it's absolutely underpowered with very low CPU... ...It's difficult to really play with decent polyphony most of the VST aroud here.

17-Mar-09 05:01 AM

Alternate Mode    Said...

I can't believe it doesn't have a MIDI OUT? KAT players need SYSEX dumps! It least make it a SPIDF/MIDI IN/OUT combo jack please!

05-Dec-09 01:32 PM

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