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WNAMM09: Waldorf Announce Soft Synth
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Jordan Vesteyo    Said...

Finally...... a full blown Waldorf synth in a plugin...

15-Jan-09 08:55 PM

D    Said...

I'm a little less worried about my old Waldorf synths dying now... and dying to hear what this thing costs and when I can get my hands on it...

15-Jan-09 09:03 PM

raphus    Said...

I'm not so excited by a software MicroQ. (Notice the lack of Wave/XT wavetables.) I'd be much more interested in a Blofeld editor/librarian for the Mac that allowed user wavetables.

15-Jan-09 10:07 PM

SekondThought    Said...

Very excited about this one. Hope we find out a little more about how much this is going to cost and when it will be available. Looking forward to it very much.

16-Jan-09 01:54 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Hey Nick, Are you going to be getting a demo of this thing at the show or are they only giving out flyers at this point? I'd love to hear how this thing sounds since I unloaded my Waldorf gear a while back.

16-Jan-09 09:26 AM

Cerebral Infect    Said...

That's the biggest NAMM surprise so far for me. And I'll be buying ASAP. I've always been a fan of Waldorf. And I can manage without the missing wavetable and saturation curves.

My actual wet dream would be that Waldorf, Novation, Clavia and Acess team up to release a DSP card a la powercore and port some of their older hardware synths to a VST synth.

16-Jan-09 10:50 AM

The Ronin    Said...

I have been waiting for this product for ever...sold my XT a while ago but only because I had to. This is on the to be purchased list for sure!!!

raphus Said... I'm not so excited by a software MicroQ. (Notice the lack of Wave/XT wavetables.)


Largo offers three fat oscillators, two of them with sub oscillators. These oscillators include models of classic analog waveforms as well as a selection of waves from the PPG and Waldorf Wave stored in two Wavetables.

18-Jan-09 07:23 PM

singularity23    Said...

correct me of I'm wrong- but I believe the Terratec Komplexer is waldorfs 1st loads Q and micro Q sound banks as well...and Terratec distributed Waldorf in the US.

I'm still going to buy this, just saying...

20-Jan-09 03:48 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I thought the first Waldorf VSTi is the PPG Wave V, or am I wrong? It came out the same time as the Model E. Is there such a thing as vintage synth software, as opposed to hardware? I wish I'd have kept the boxes now...

21-Jan-09 12:23 AM

J Fisher    Said...

Bought this after auditioning less than ten patches - WOW!! $249.00 Sweetwater Music

15-Jul-09 12:22 PM

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