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Sonic LAB: Korg nanoKONTROL Controller
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Ian    Said...

Another great review. The piece in the middle's terrific. In your opinion, is it more practical to have multiple faders at hand or a single motorized one like the Presonus Faderport/Frontier Alphatrack?

22-Dec-08 03:16 PM

Nick Bq    Said...

Thanks Ian, thats a good question. I've not used the Alphatrack, but the Faderport I have and I liked it, apart from the fact that you needed the PSU to move the fader, it's not USB powered.

I think the Faderport probably steals it as it has mechanical and status feedback for whichever channel you have selected. However, it can only do a single channel, so if you want more hands on then this is going to give you, as long as you dont need moving faders and bi-directional communication

23-Dec-08 03:58 AM

Steveo    Said...

Yeh spot on agree with Nick on this - a total no-brainer , immediately went out and nabbed one myself for 40notes...just uber handy to have lying about.

29-Dec-08 11:30 AM

mapmap    Said...

i am really enjoying my nanoKontrol except for the fact that the values jump if you move the knobs and faders after returning to a past scene. does anyone else have that issue?

10-Jan-09 08:43 PM

DBM    Said...

Nick that was a sick beat !

12-Jan-09 09:06 PM

Tekmatic    Said...

mapmap - in Ableton, you can change the Takeover mode (in midi settings). Try that to prevent knob jump. (unfortunately, that's kind of nature of the beast with absolute knobs.)

13-Apr-09 01:43 AM

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