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Top 5 Disruptive Music-Making Technologies
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FC    Said...

Maybe I'm strange but for me, most of those in the top five would actually disrupt/distract me from the music making process... Some people spend considerable time tweaking max/msp to their taste without actually crafting a tune, others faff about on their iPhone when they should be paying more attention to their DAW. Virtual synths are usually slow and cumbersome to use in comparison to their hardware counterparts. Need I go on?

19-Dec-08 01:11 PM

ElectricWings    Said...

I can't believe they stuck the iPhone in there. How many artists are saying "Yeah, the iPhone completely changed the way I make music. Life will never be the same again"?

I think Software Synths are definately first - who would have thought (Wolfgang Palm excluded) that you write, record and mix an entire CD on a portable laptop?

Roll on innovation.

19-Dec-08 02:46 PM

FC    Said...

Actually, just a thought here, where does the advent of digital recording technology come in all of this?

Surely the personal computer must have caused the most significant shift in how music is made?

Or perhaps the invention of (analogue) multi-track recording back in the middle of last century should be number 1?

I do agree that the iPhone shouldn't be anywhere near that list though.

19-Dec-08 03:24 PM

AL:    Said...

By "disruptive", the article seems to be meaning "shaking the established gatekeepers and barriers" for general entry into music making (the main one being: cost)... what they call "traditional" seems more in terms of when you went to a professional to have it done, for the non-musical masses.

In terms of sheer bang, in getting the massive herds to accept drum machines as their friends, the iPhone and its infrastructure for rapidly distributing cheap little software apps far and wide, definitely qualifies as "disrupting". Suddenly every oik and their brother think they're rhythmic geniuses.

20-Dec-08 02:48 PM

Psychophysics    Said...

@ SonicState "I would suggest Ableton LIVE and Propellerheads Reason have made a huge shift in the the way music is created"

How about just DAWs in general? I would say FL Studio has had a bigger influence/audience than either of those two.

20-Dec-08 10:18 PM

NoPod    Said...

The iPhone? Are they serious???! Think about it, the iPhone is nowhere on a list of disruptive technologies...25 ms thought gets me the following list...

1. The PC. 2. DAW software 3. Software synthesizers / samplers 4. Low cost manufacturing (cheap but excellent quality products - mics, mixers etc). 5. The internet

20-Dec-08 10:27 PM

Woody Aki    Said...

A bad worker always quarrels with his tools...

24-Dec-08 10:23 AM

zobitamere    Said...

A bad worker always quarrels with his tools... especially when the tool is really bad.... there are many bad tools....

28-Dec-08 09:24 AM

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