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Podcast: Sonic TALK112 - The Christmas Show
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Matt_C    Said...

About the synth solos, I reckon "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk is basically a synth solo (albeit through a vocoder) - particularly towards the end

18-Dec-08 04:44 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great show again, guys! It's really a pity I'll have to miss the show again for two weeks now... Still, you've all earned a break. Great work on all the hosting and editing Nick. To all of you, have a nice holiday!

18-Dec-08 05:00 PM

Kaux    Said...

Hi guys,

Hi Nick, i love your site and all the content on it, specially this podcast and the videos.

I wanted to propose you a topic for future podcasta: Musical skills and physical/mental limitations. Is interesting to me that 2 of the podcast crew has some kind of limitations, PJ in his eyes, and Mard with Asperger..and, i think i could have asperger too, that is why i am so interested.

I am from guatemala, central america, I have always liked music, when i was a child i would rather listen to music than watch TV, or play. I am far from a virtuoso, but i play piano, bass, guitar and saxophone, all of them self mostly thaught, i only received some piano lessons.

By the time i get to know that it was posible to have a home studio using a computer, it was also the time that internet became available in my country, around 1997. I started looking for information, but nothing was available in spanish (my native language), so i thaught myself english to be able to learn about recording. I am a begginer yet, but i think i have learned a lot of the technical aspects. i am the author of the audio blog in spanish Frecuencia Fundamental (fundamental frequency):

I am not trying to get every body to admire me :) I am just making my point of how absesive i can be, also i am based in some social and emotional issues to suspect i got some kind of autism.

So it could be great if you guys can discuss it, and specially if mark can talk about how he got diagnosed, how has he dealt with it, and if he could explain more what he is talking about when he says that he is able of "thinking out of the box".

Thanks, and sorry for the long post... sonicstate rules!

18-Dec-08 05:15 PM

Dan A.    Said...

Synth solos are alive and well in jazz fusion. Hiromi Uehara just jams on the Nord Lead (starting about 3:30.)

Another Hiromi vid I really like (although the audio is off sync:)

And nice to hear the James Jamerson tribute. I'm a longtime fan.

Cheers and Happy Holidays to all!

18-Dec-08 09:08 PM

madmax    Said...

Kaux, Asperger's is related to autism, so you would just be diagnosed with Asperger's.

19-Dec-08 07:50 AM

Krakli software    Said...

Best wishes to the whole team for Christmas and the year ahead

19-Dec-08 09:13 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks for posting folks, interesting stuff as ever. I'm winding down here now but we'll be back fresh for the 7th.

Happy Hols to you all too.

19-Dec-08 09:47 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Hi roomsters, panelists, silly chatters,horrorists and others..

I`m sorry I couldn`t make to the show - well, sometimes I have to work a lil` bit... ;-) Also yesterday I was so tired I fell asleep listening to the pod after costantly working for 32h/3h sleep.:-(Quality sign?) Nevertheless I don`t lie admitting to have had a blast with u guys and still expect this for the forthcoming pods ! The live chatting option is priceless. Whishing u all happy holidays whereever u are !! Hope to see `n hear back again next year..

Cya,Red !

19-Dec-08 10:04 AM

Thomas    Said...

As far as keyboard solos (and soloISTS) go, one of the musicians which has always stood out for me has been Tom Schuman of Spyro Gyra. Over the 30+ years of his career, Tom has always soloed so artfully that it didn't matter whether it was with an acoustic piano, electric piano, B3, or lead synth, it was always the right sound and the right feel.

That's the key for me, I think. Many people (especially guitarists!) hate (fear?) keyboard/synth solos because the keyboardist often tries to use sounds that just don't FIT the music, or sounds that were overused even the FIRST year after the patch became available. Is there anybody out there that would feel that that fat synth sound from Van Halen's 'Jump' is fresh??

02-Jan-09 10:40 AM

hiltonius    Said...

thumbs up from me on tom schuman, who is a brilliant player!

08-Jan-09 07:23 AM

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