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Sonic LAB: Korg nanoPAD MIDI Controller
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Very cool product, very good review! I loved what you were doing in that short piece where you did the chords and the rolls.

12-Dec-08 08:25 PM

circuitslave    Said...

Another great review, thanks, Nick. I'll be ordering the black version--is it out yet in the UK? I'v heard probably not yet here in the US until spring :( Can't wait 'til you review the other Nanos. Thanks!

13-Dec-08 01:26 PM

Greg    Said...

I picked up a Nano Pad and a Nano Kontrol. The Nano Pad works as advertised; no problem. I didn't think USB powered devices could go wrong but the Nano Kontrol gives a "Power Surge on Hub Port" message on a PC and a similar message on Mac. So watch out even these simple devices can go wonky.

16-Dec-08 11:47 AM

Nick B    Said...

@Greg - really? I had no trouble until I plugged the nanoKontrol in, then it bonked the MIDIdirvers in the system. At that point I had to install the Korg one and remove all the old ones I had still on the system.

that fixed it though

16-Dec-08 03:21 PM

Steve Cooke    Said...

The nanoPAD is certainly a great product. Very solid. Nice feel to the pads. Easy to set up with your DAW.

The nanoKEY, on the other hand, is not very good at all. The keys are flimsy and seem likely to fall off with the slightest provocation - which isn't much use in a product that's supposed to be highly portable. One of the keys on mine dislodged itself only the second time I played on it. No rough treatment was involved. Fortunately, it snapped back in place but I don't have much confidence in its longevity now.

17-Dec-08 05:05 AM

Nick B    Said...

Steve, I just reviewed the nanoKEY and I would agree that it has a flimsy quality to it, it's still dirt cheap, and easy to transport. I mean I'm not sure there are many other options in this size/weight category.

19-Dec-08 07:56 AM

Brianrost    Said...

I hope you'll have something out on the nanoKONTROL soon, that's the one I'm really interested in. Esp. how usable the short throw faders are.

19-Dec-08 09:53 AM

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