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Podcast: Sonic TALK111 - Tidy Your Room Young Man
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Kayle Clements (KC)    Said...

Hello Nick and the Guys -

Thanks for the background info - very interesting. I think it is nice to know a little bit more about the people I listen to each week.

Thanks again. Cheers! Kayle

11-Dec-08 06:34 AM

Nick B    Said...

Your welcome and you know we just love to talk about ourselves :-)

11-Dec-08 06:52 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Really enjoyed this one! Interesting subjects, such as the 'How did you get into your current job' and I absolutely loved the 'Workspace mess' subject as I recognized a lot from the workspaces that were described! :-) On another note, though, Nick: there are listeners such as me that aren't in the UK or US, so when you say 'Probably not familiar for those in the US...' do you assume that everyone else have watched BBC all their lives? ;-)

(Having said that, BBC is a favourite tv source for me so I get most of the things you do mention...)

12-Dec-08 08:19 AM

Nick B    Said...

Marc, of course - I'm being a bit bipolar in my cultural references - sorry about that.

Must try harder.

12-Dec-08 09:21 AM

Stuart    Said...

Hey guys, you might wanna check this out for the next show, fits with music and the recent creativity topic:

12-Dec-08 10:18 AM

Anomoly    Said...

There was talk about a capacitive stylus for use on the Iphone or Itouch... they already have them:

i'm sure there's plenty more but this is just one example... incase you need a stylus, or you wear gloves all the time, or your nails or just too long

16-Dec-08 01:56 PM

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