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Steinberg And Syncrosoft Deal
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Jim    Said...

Hmm.. I'm not sure how I feel about this...

02-Dec-08 07:26 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

This is a weird one and I'm not entirely sure its a good move for Steinberg.

First of all, you have to wonder about the willingness of existing & potential audio software companies (some of who will be direct competitors) to go through Steinberg for their protection needs.

Secondly, and more importantly, audio software protection is just a small part of Synchrosoft's business. The company is responsible for providing protection capabilities to a large number of diverse industries. You have to wonder if an audio software vendor can attract and keep customers from entirely different fields, seeing how the brand recognition is firmly rooted in DAW solutions.

02-Dec-08 09:12 AM

Shodan    Said...

They are putting more effort into Cubase's copy protection, then to it's features and stability. :P

02-Dec-08 12:34 PM

Frederik    Said...

And now a smaller syncrosoft usb key. Please, I hate this long horrible plastic thing sticking out of my laptop. Make it mini size & and thus unbreakable!

02-Dec-08 02:13 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Hey Frederick, I was also worried about snapping the dongle which at this point is worth quite a bit of money.

I went out and bought myself a cheap USB extension cable. Now there is no wear and tear on the actual dongle when I have to insert & remove it, and because it is plugged into an extension cable, it is more difficult to lose the thing or cry when it ends up in the washing machine.

02-Dec-08 02:52 PM

CI    Said...

Hum, interesting. Steinberg owns the ASIO protocol, the VST protocol and now the synchrosoft security thing. They are now manufacturing audio cards and controller for their Cubase and Nuendo line.

But why can't they just do a stable DAW software ?

02-Dec-08 04:15 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Might be a good thing, better integration of the security in Cubase will optimize performance while this also ensures that as long as Steinberg keeps producing their sequencer we won't have to switch security if Synchrosoft would have dropped this product.

02-Dec-08 04:30 PM

JesseJ    Said...

I bought Logic because it has no dongle.

I hate dongles and once forgetting a dongle cost me more than the Cubase software is worth. That's when I said never more - I will NEVER buy software that needs a dongle.

03-Dec-08 07:41 AM

Travis    Said...

First off, blame crackers and hackers for dongles. Secondly, Cubase is a stable and excellent piece of software, and lastly but not the least bit unimportantly...Logic Studio is trash. You wanna talk about instability, and on their own machine no-less. ;)

03-Dec-08 12:33 PM

The Doc    Said...

Travis, I think you're talking through the wrong part of your body - and as such will not start arguing with you which is best.

However I completely agree with JesseJ that dongles for any serious use is an idiotic idea, and I thus use Logic Studio and have refrained from updating my Korg Legacy software as it now also requires a dongle (sic)

I wish the manufacturers would focus on ways to make the life difficult the pirates and not us, the legal customers who pay for our software.

03-Jan-09 07:42 AM

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