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Podcast: Sonic TALK109 - Singing Shorts
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Oliver Davis -    Said...

Hi Nick.

Thanks so very much for playing the track.

Had a great one yesterday with Mark and his pants – great song idea :)

The weblink is - you missed “The� of the link…….

27-Nov-08 05:48 AM

Matt_C    Said...

We just tried to name foods beginning with each letter of the alphabet and got stuck at "I" and that's without water in our ears.

27-Nov-08 06:55 AM

Nick B    Said...

Oliver, sorry about that typo - should all be okay now.

27-Nov-08 07:30 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great track Oliver! And as usual, a highly entertaining podcast!

27-Nov-08 03:45 PM

Steve from Saskatchewan    Said...

I remember reading in Rolling Stone about Coldplay... They started out using their friend Will Champion, who wasn't really a drummer, and when they started achieving some success they were pressured to get a real drummer.

So they canned Will, auditioned a new drummer, and six months later canned him and took Will back...

The quote I remember from Chris Martin is "It's easier for someone to learn drums than for someone to learn not to be an a$$h@!e".

28-Nov-08 10:05 AM

GOD    Said...

I think that you'll find, ALL musicians are assholes, o/wise they would have REAL jobs :P

29-Nov-08 01:50 AM

DeathByMedia    Said...

As far as the Nano fiber speaker : A better alternative to ear buds ....maybe

29-Nov-08 03:17 AM

hiltonius    Said...

very much enjoyed the show fellows!

there is a product by the realtraps people called "portable vocal booth" that is absolutely fantastic. we use it at our studio and i was really amazed at how well it achieves its goal.

looking forward to the next one


29-Nov-08 08:25 PM

KC    Said...

Hi Nick -

Thanks for responding to my question - I very much enjoyed hearing what the panel had to say about finding new players -


02-Dec-08 03:10 PM

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