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Nord Electro 3 Is Coming
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Peter K.    Said...

I had the Nord Electro rack and loved it. This one sounds like it'll have absolutely everything I'd ever want from an Electro. Sign me up!

03-Dec-08 10:34 AM

Rik    Said...

Praise the NORD. They've made a great keyboard even better.

05-Dec-08 06:45 PM

AJ    Said...

They going to do a rack of the Electro 3? I don't see it anywhere.

08-Dec-08 09:37 PM

Cole    Said...

I play keys and keybass, using the Nord Stage for layered pianos and organs with my right hand. For some reason the manual download for the Electro 3 glitches on my computer. I am wondering if they might have added a layer function to the new Electro. A cute li'l 61-key would definitely enhance my traveling experience, IF I can layer the piano section with the organ section. Perhaps this feature is just too specialized to be of any consequence to most players (I wouldn't think so though), but to me it's vital. Anyone have a clue?

09-Feb-09 04:53 PM

AS    Said...

@ Cole I think that's not possible. the NE3 is monotimbral, the only thing is that you are allowed to split the orgel session into two parts of the keyboard, for bass and solo for example. then you have two own orgel registrations. I hope that was helpful.

04-Mar-09 12:14 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I bought an 73-key Electro 3 last week. It's taken me a while to come round to this conclusion because it sounded great in the store, and initially sounded great through my Beyerdynamics, but I don't like it. The sad truth is, the sampled instruments (acoustic pianos, electric pianos, clavinets, mellotrons and sample-library instruments) just don't sound realistic enough. They just feel kind of shallow and fake to play.

However, the organ emulations sound amazing, with the rotary speakers on FAST, it sounds better than I could have hoped for.

Maybe I could be accused of expecting expecting software quality instruments from a sample 250MB chip of RAM, but this thing cost £1500! Also, I wonder what this machine would be without it's impressive effects section. I'm aware I'm probably in a minority because a lot of reviews really rate the sound quality of this machine. I feel heart broken at having to sell it, but apart from the zero latency and convenience of a single unit, I see no reason not to reproduce it's features with a laptop and midi controller.

Nick, I think it should under go some investigation!

11-Jul-09 12:30 AM

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