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Korg Ship nanoSERIES Controllers
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tb    Said...

it's been shipping for more than a month (got mine 30 days ago)

14-Nov-08 10:29 AM

Nick B    Said...

Whereabouts are you? I dont think they have been shipping everywhere.

What do you think of them?

14-Nov-08 03:21 PM

Howling Terror    Said...

..yeah what the nanopad like?

14-Nov-08 07:25 PM

Nanopad Fan Club's #1 Fan    Said...

I spoke to Korg two weeks ago and it wasn't shipping yet, nor would they give me a release date. This is the first widespread release.

15-Nov-08 10:42 AM

weaponEX    Said...

I see no reason to own the padkontol any more with one of those little beauties, which could just sit astride my midi controller, quietly occupying on extra desk-state! I hope that VERY short USB cable isn't vital!

17-Nov-08 12:53 AM

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