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Podcast: Sonic TALK106 - Marking Homework
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GOD    Said...

We missed nothing

The chat room was more entertaining than the show this wk

06-Nov-08 06:33 AM

Ian Webster (Krakli software)    Said...

Just for clarity the GSi plugs are nothing to do with Krakli software, I just suggested to the lads that they check them out as they are quality items imho

06-Nov-08 10:05 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Very cool podcast, I especially found the parts about the Tyros and the innovative interfaces interesting.

06-Nov-08 11:37 AM    Said...

We missed ya Marc :P

(OT: Yeee haaa..... I got my first royalty payment EVER!!!.... LOL

ONE radio play down under, for "Space and Time")

Carry on ...


07-Nov-08 02:09 AM


Rather than Motif technology being ported to the Tyros, its actually happened the other way round. Megavoices first showed up on the orginal Tyros. Super Articulation showed up in Tyros 2, and its equivalent is now in the Motif XS. I guess there must be decent R&D budgets in the arranger dept...

07-Nov-08 11:13 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thats interesting - I think that does ring a bell about the Tyros -> Motif features. I remember they did make a hell of a lot of the release of the original Tyros so maybe thats why.

08-Nov-08 09:34 AM

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