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Podcast: Sonic TALK104 - Warbling Divas and Tumbleweed
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GOD    Said...

For the record, that kid killed one of 2pacs BEST TRACK EVER

"Dear Momma".... Go listen, go read, go learn

It speaks to ANY man whose father was MIA

23-Oct-08 06:52 AM    Said...

Nick, I can't believe you haven't mentioned this one:

"4d" sound, if you believe the hype. Actually it sounds pretty darn good to these ears, even if it ain't 100% TRUE 3D

Check it out


ps. Great podcast as per.... Dave SPOKE! :P .... hmmmm.... maybe a bit too much..... LOL

23-Oct-08 09:29 AM

Nick B    Said...

Okay Guru will put it on the list thanks for the tip

23-Oct-08 09:38 AM    Said...

No worries....

Re: streaming

A quick google sees: (good name)

Both offer a lot more than just streaming too. (Free/open source, which is ALWAYS good)

Just a coupla quickies.... You could have some fun testing them, at least :)

23-Oct-08 09:59 AM

Steve    Said...

No one mentioned it in their bassline lists (that I noticed at least), but that liquidy bass on Stone Roses' Fools Gold deserves a nod.

23-Oct-08 02:25 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great podcast again!

24-Oct-08 02:29 PM

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