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Podcast: Sonic TALK103 - Stinky Macs, Stinky Mics
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I thought you would have yer work cut out for ya in the editing this wk.... BUT ...

Ya nailed it.... Nice job.... You could be a PRO :) hehe



16-Oct-08 06:20 AM

nick B    Said...

Yeah I was pleased with the way we all sounded much more fluent and in control :-)

16-Oct-08 09:13 AM

madmax    Said...

This is actually off-topic, so don't get mad.

Am I the only one who has noticed that recently A LOT of the press releases have gone out with spelling and/or grammatical errors? I know it's not Nick & crew's fault, since the same errors will show up at Harmony Central. Both sites just copy and paste what they are sent(though I wish they would clean things up before uploading them).

It is stressed that when creating a resume, to avoid these errors at all cost, since they are considered unprofessional. I would assume this also applies to written items from a company. It does reflect negatively on a company when their press releases have errors.

16-Oct-08 10:21 AM    Said...

COMMENT of the millenium!!!

ROFLMAO.... Grammar FTW

ps. Dodgey Dave, I know u read this.... so.... next time we wanna actually hear you on the podcast, instead of slackin' down the back of the class.... haha

16-Oct-08 10:29 AM

Bjarne D.    Said...

Didn't the new MB Pros come with some sort of extension for FW400?

17-Oct-08 01:29 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Once again an enjoyable podcast! MM: good point about the grammar & spelling errors. After all, language is not unlike music: if you get notes and rhythm accents in the wrong places they would stand out and sound unprofessional too!

17-Oct-08 03:28 AM

Dood    Said...

I'm a huge fan of the podcasts, but the website needs a major overhall. It has gotten tangled up and knotted, and looks very dated. So much potantial is not been met.

21-Oct-08 04:54 PM

Mike    Said...

With Omnisphere at 50+ GB is sounds I am wondering how much of this will actually be used by a typical user. I am thinking about the guitarist with the effects device with 400 presets but only uses 8 presets

22-Oct-08 07:49 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Soundcloud looks awesome - I've been saying for a long time that I wish myspace would allow you to jukebox through band-page tracks, or make a custom radio station or something. This seems like a right step in that direction.

and FYI - my mac smells beautiful (because I bath it daily in sweet smelling creams and oils) (although it would smell beautiful anyway). I don't know anyone who has expressed a positive opinion about the new notebook range.

22-Oct-08 09:15 PM

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