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Sonic LAB: Behringer UMA25S Ultra-Slim MIDI Kybd with Audio
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Cerebral Infect    Said...

Good review. Nevertheless, to think about it, having an integrated soundcard in a slim keyboard isn`t much of a plus (especially if the soundcard is as good a the on-board computer soundcard). The goal of the slim keyboard adresses to travelers requiring a good keyboard to go with the laptop. The user will use headphone to monitor his music.

As a travel alot around the world for extended period of time. I needed a midi keyboard and a good soundcard.

I did my research on portable keyboard and soundcard. I tried the X-Station (synth, soundcard, controller). But it was too thick and large to put convienently in my carry on luggage.

So I went to a slim keyboard controller with an Echo Indigo soundcard. I was ok with this setup, even had latency problem with it.

Then I went to the ASIO4ALL driver to control the on-board laptop soundcard and the sound quality was as good as the professionnal ECHO laptop soundcard with less latency problems.

The reason Edirol dropped the own slim keyboard with midi was for lack of market. For sound quality when playing live, people relies on better quality quality converters rather than grungy 16 bits converter.

My conclusion as good alternative : go with the Edirol or M-Audio slim controllers and use ASIO4ALL to control your laptop soundcard. This configuration adresses some problems Nick mentionned in his video. You can control your volume with the laptop volume fader. Both controllers comes with their software controller map editors.

As for plugging in a monitor setup, a cable splitter can be used.

Hope that helps and save you some time or money.

11-Oct-08 10:24 AM

Nick B    Said...

CI, thats a good point well made, I wonder why I wasnt able to say that?!

There's something that appeals to the completist nature about having it all in one (maybe it's just me).

But also some soundcards built in are okay for monitoring, but the latency and input options are a bit of a limitation.

The thing about this one is that it has line and mic ins, (albeit on the minijack for the mic), but nonetheless...

11-Oct-08 02:18 PM

flux302    Said...

so what about with something like a macbook pro? the audio card in it is probably comparable to the I/O of this keyboard right? so it would be redundant at that point yes?

11-Oct-08 04:49 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great review!

11-Oct-08 07:41 PM

nick b    Said...

flux, yes and no. in terms of performance, I'd say the macbook pro edges it. But the mic input, direct monitoring and separate phones level give it the edge in terms of facitilities.

12-Oct-08 01:46 AM

Failed Muso    Said...


I picked up one of the first UMA25S's to come into the UK from Digital Village and have been very impressed with it's ability. The audio interface is a big improvement on what my laptop (works issue) had to offer so it's all good to me.

However, I do have one issue. The MMC transport controls don't seem to work for me at all. I've tried 3 different PC's using Reason, Ableton Live and Reaper and the MMC transport buttons have no effect whatsoever, even with the Behringer MIDI driver installed. I have contacted Behringer support about this and am still waiting over 2 weeks later for a response. Can you tell me if you had a similar issue with your review model ? Sorry to take this review thread off an a support tack, but being such a new product and with Behringer's lack of haste in answering my call for help, I have few places to go.

I also thought your review was pretty bang on. The UMA25S is an absolute steal, as long as you don't expect pro quality multichannel performance found in units 10x as much :o)

Thanks again !

12-Oct-08 07:27 AM

Nick B    Said...

I used it with Logic and found the MMC to work fine.

Usually with any DAW you need to enable the sync to listen to MMC, it doesnt often work as default.

But it did work okay for me in the app I tried, after I enabled it.

12-Oct-08 04:28 PM

Mike Silence    Said...

Very Cool Review, well done. :-)

13-Oct-08 03:21 AM

Robbie Ryan (I love analogue)    Said...

Nick, did you operate the camera via remote or did your partner operate for you. Didn't see a credit...thanks!

13-Oct-08 10:22 AM

Nick B    Said...

Just me. I have a remote control - if you mean the one zoom shot in there... :-)

13-Oct-08 11:01 AM

shekhar dhain    Said...

aah the joys of great reviews...superb job there, and the cat is out of the bag on the camerawork :p

16-Oct-08 06:10 AM

Failed Muso    Said...

I got the MMC transport working in the end, although I had to use the Akai MPK49 Remote Codec ! I'm pretty useless when it comes to tweaking those things, so I guess I'll have to wait till some clever bugger comes up with a proper one ;o)

18-Oct-08 03:28 AM

Bjarne D.    Said...

My favorite part of this review was the zoom shot with the remote discretely in your hand, Nick! :)

18-Oct-08 08:00 AM

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16-Dec-08 08:24 AM

aza    Said...

I've just got the UMA25S and have attached the USB to my MAC computer and yet I cannot hear anyting? any clues?

11-Jan-09 02:31 AM

pierre    Said...

I read a lot of reviews but still i can't find out if its possible to assign midi functions (in traktor or ableton) to its keyboard, i know that for knobs and transport it is possible, but what with keyboard?

02-Mar-09 03:15 AM

Darren    Said...

Hi NIck, could you please tell me on how to hook up the UMA25S to reason? somehow reason wont find the installed driver.

thank you

09-Jun-09 02:27 AM

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