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Sonic TALK Records Live This Week
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YAY!!!... Great move



06-Oct-08 04:49 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks, it should be fun. The champagne element will not be happening this time though, and we'll probably skip the video feed. But the live audio for sure.

06-Oct-08 05:44 AM    Said...

Are you sure Dave will be able to go booze-free for 1+ hr? LOL

06-Oct-08 06:05 AM

d    Said...

Does this mean i won't be able to listen to this as an mp3 or on iTunes at my convince ? as i you and life and stuff !

06-Oct-08 01:42 PM

RedWalks    Said...

Ahh Nick,

you definitively listen to your customers whishes,man ! THX ! On the other side I don`t want to drive dave and you into straight alcoholism...I already got enough similar patients...

So better count me and my med advice in for the next AA / SonicT meeting !

Cya,Red !

06-Oct-08 01:48 PM

Nick B    Said...

d, no it doesnt, we'll still be posting the MP3 as usual on thursday, just streaming the recording live as we do it.

06-Oct-08 02:30 PM

Nick B    Said...

BTW, neither of us actually drinks that much :-)

06-Oct-08 02:31 PM

RedWalks    Said...

Naw,Nick !

...u`ll have to defend an image to the world, IMHO, u and most of ur cast are brits ! ;-P

Cya,Red !

06-Oct-08 07:09 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great to hear! Pity it's so early though - an hour later would be perfect but at this time I won't be able to join a lot.

07-Oct-08 05:01 AM

Nick B    Said...

Sorry Marc, it's a bit of a timezone juggling act here

07-Oct-08 07:28 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Np, I'll see if I can join halfway though.

08-Oct-08 08:40 AM

Bernard    Said...

We are at GMT + 1 Hour (UK BST), looks like you went out at 3PM GMT (4PM BST).

08-Oct-08 11:43 AM

Derek    Said...

... drank yourselves right out of the podcast this week, didn't you? ;)

Ready and waiting when for when it's out...

09-Oct-08 11:49 AM

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