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New Oberhiem SEM Rumour?
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shekhar dhain    Said...

I cant wait! my mopho should be arriving tomorrow , and i hope/pray its out before year end...

aah...finally no more nightmare on elm street trying to get a decent one on ebay :-D

06-Oct-08 09:51 AM

DBM    Said...

edit : There is a hardware clone called resemblance by analog solutions

06-Oct-08 01:28 PM

DBM    Said...

any updates ? like if tom bought a company name yet ?

09-Oct-08 02:58 PM

miatch    Said...

the clone is actually called the Semblance, by anaolgue solutions, and it has MIDI.

11-Oct-08 04:29 PM

yotsuba&!    Said...

hey, sonicstate never asked permission to use my photo, how rude.

19-Oct-08 02:44 AM

s9k    Said...

They didn't bother to credit you for the photo either. Pure class. That is a double fail, SS nitwits!

19-Oct-08 12:03 PM

Nick B    Said...

Hey yotsuba&!, very sorry about that I should have asked. I've been trying to contact you - there's no way I can see via the Flikr account?

23-Oct-08 09:59 AM

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