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Podcast: Sonic TALK101 - Post Centennial Rant
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Great stuff, as usual very entertaining! That playing two instruments and singing reminded me of that amazing multi-instrumentalist who did a similar thing that you talked about a few podcasts ago, he did that song 'Heart of glass' or something. Really impressive to see such feats!

02-Oct-08 03:38 PM

mikebeck    Said...

I'd bet the podcast crew would be interested in Mahaffey's album (as the band known as Self) called Gizmodgery, which was made with toys and other gadgets, and sounds great - very musical. Far from gimmick-ness, in fact.

03-Oct-08 09:00 PM

Don    Said...

The Def Leppard Hysteria Classic Albums dvd gives a great view into the world of working with Mutt Lange. Also has a great series of streaming videos - one of which features Tony Platt talking about working on Back in Black.

06-Oct-08 05:59 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Excellent show! That Dave Smith Mopho ironically looks awesome, although physically it looks pretty ghastly! It seems a bit self deprecating to trivialize their own very serious machines by making them look like a scruffy novelty. Obviously this kind of design is referencing a period of retro that I'm not familiar with! And yeah - what's the deal with The Keyboard Wizard? I think he deserves a spot on your podcast, if you can get hold of him!

08-Oct-08 09:56 PM

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