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Become A Producer In 7 Weeks
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GOD    Said...

7 days...... Yeah, right

I guess if I created the world in 7 days, then surely, YOU, can be the next P. Diddy

01-Oct-08 04:02 AM

DJ Sean Sax    Said...

Actually GOD, it's 7 weeks but the validity of your statement stil stands. 7 weeks to become a producer and/or mixing and mastering engineer for just $2500? Sound like a bargain to me. Or should I say a "steal"?

01-Oct-08 09:45 AM

GOD    Said...

For the record...

Original headline WAS: Become A Producer In 7 Days

Andy or Nick may confirm this to absolve themselves and I will consider penance for their sin (wrecking GOD's best joke ever)

01-Oct-08 12:01 PM

god    Said...

what absurd claims, all that in 7 weeks, shouldn't be allowed, some people will believe it

01-Oct-08 06:06 PM

m-clis    Said...

Hello) I'm from Russia, and i am a co-founder of House Deejays Family studio. I'm making music for 12 years already, and i'm teaching too. My course is based on Ableton software and some additional TC Powercore and Moog stuff for writing and producing. My course is just 12 lessons 3 hours long each, and it costs 599$. I have REAL results - my teen students now producing music and earning money with it) so it's real - for 7 weeks i can teach a monkey how to make an AKAI style hip-hop blockbusters)))

03-Oct-08 07:50 AM

One    Said...

If you read the info it can be completed in as little as 7 weeks and students can take as long as they need to complete the course... If you read the site info it sounds very interesting... its not lessons i don't think but an independent school like college or something check out the testimonials

03-Oct-08 04:07 PM

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