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Affordable Waves Bundle
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zvukoprocessor    Said...

Affordable? hmm..

what I need is separate waves plug-ins for 50$ each and not some stupid bundles of stuff that i'll never use or separate plugs for 300$

01-Oct-08 05:05 AM

piles    Said...

silly earthling^ don't forget the bottom line. profit. In the scenario you suggest, they would have to boost the price of each plug in because they wouldn't sell as many by offering them individually. I share your fantasy, though.

01-Oct-08 12:25 PM

Spaceman-X    Said...

I guess to waves this is what they would call "affordable" and compared to their other bundles it is. although you can get these types of plugs elsewhere that do just as good of a job imho for less then 900$ and this is coming from someone who uses a legit copy of the waves diamond bundle.

01-Oct-08 04:09 PM

Manicquin    Said...

The most ironic part about it is that they sell packs like the Musicians Bundle 2 for $150 US, which includes a number of Plugs like the Ren Compressor, which individually sell for about $200 through the Waves website.

Great Plugs, but honestly I'd be willing to buy a lot more if they had a decent pricing structure per plug-in.

02-Oct-08 11:39 PM

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