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P.J. Tracy    Said...

I am installing Omnisphere right now.

I can't wait to talk about it!!

26-Sep-08 04:45 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

For something that takes 50GBs (thus rendering itself inconvenient for laptop users, which in turn renders itself inconvenient for live performance) can it really do anything significant that NI Absynth 4 can't do? I saw all those podcasts that Specrosonics made and it certainly was exciting to watch the story unfold - as well as seeing 'the pros' (I've personally never heard of most of them) react to it's unveiling. I definitely see why they chose to release video podcast too, it is a very visual instrument. I have no opinion about the actual instrument because I haven't personally come in contact with it *embarrassed face emotion* so I'm in no position to have an opinion! I'm keen to see what people think..

27-Sep-08 09:18 PM

Rassa    Said...

Awesome! Let´s omnitalk!

29-Sep-08 08:18 AM

Need a new hard drive :)    Said...

Lots of Omnitalk here: - over 13 pages of Omnitalk

02-Oct-08 01:53 AM

fluteman    Said...

I have spent over 6 hours loading it up and my computer will not access the thing even with CUBASE 4. Spectrasonics has not answered my calls for help and the e-mail help system is a joke. So far, I'm very disappointed...!

22-Oct-08 07:43 AM

Kamalakanta    Said...

I have Omnisphere, and it is awesome! I hghly recommend downloading their tutorial videos..they beat any manual you could come up with, and show you everything you would want to know about this fabulous instrument. I have been busy putting my own tags on the sounds, marking which ones are my favorites, etc.

to get to know your Omnisphere real well, you go here:, then you enter your name and serial number for your instrument, and then download the videos.

there are 10 videos, covering the following aspects of Omnisphere:

01) getting started 02) Omnisphere Overview 03) Browser Basic 04) Live Mode 05) Stack Mode 06) Edit Page Overview 07) Modulation 08) Oscillators 09) LFO's 10) Envelopes

I find Spectrasonics service quite good. For me, so far, the best way is through e-mail. they are quite thorough in their responses.

And the instrument includes an in-depth reference manual, with a search engine included in it!

The instrument is worth every penny. Take the time to explore it....


22-Oct-08 10:06 PM

R Bates    Said...

I have a question. I am running Omnisphere through Logic 8. I am using an iMac 2.16 GHz. 3 GBs of ram. I get a Cpu overload using complex sounds on just 2 channels. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to maximize the settings to run omnisphere more efficiently?

13-Feb-09 08:18 PM

chuck    Said...

me too... i moved everything over to a 1 tb hd and now it doesn't even work...

08-Apr-09 08:21 PM

olo    Said...

i need a keygen for omnisphere please

05-Dec-09 12:55 PM

Anth    Said...

Hey, i have a 1.6Ghz dual Core laptop with 1GB Ram :/... Do you think i could give Omnisphere a try? Will it work?

13-Jun-10 06:28 AM

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