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DSI Mopho Demos From Keyboard Wizard
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shekhar dhain    Said...

ive checked out the onsite demo's as well as michael walthus' noodling above... all really good stuff, especially the percussive loops you can generate, but whats worrying is that its going for about 319 POUNDS in the uk, which means we get a shittier deal compared to the american market.

I think ill hold out for a keyboard version, so i can get closer to that PRO ONE feel ;-)

26-Sep-08 11:20 AM


thank god i stand corrected. there is an authorised dealer selling em for much less in the uk...the clue is they have a D and a V in their name, although i cant see them chucking one my way for that free covert little plug (i wont say no if they did though..) ;-D

almost tempted, but ive always liked keyboarded instruments or stuff with knobs and sliders for each function

26-Sep-08 01:37 PM

velocipede    Said...

I've seen several posts of people waiting for a keyboard version. It might happen, but I cannot help but wonder if buying a nice Novation controller and a couple of midi cables might not be a more economical and possible more flexible option.

27-Sep-08 04:43 PM

shekhar dhain    Said...

I actually asked michael wether he has a deal going with dave smith, but he doesnt. God bless him he must have some amazing kinship with a local dealership to get gear when its smoking hot off the production line.

Id still wait for the keyboard version, simply cause economic solutions arent always the best ones when it comes to music. Besides, it cant be more than another 200 quid, and a knob for each function makes life MUCH MORE easier all round, because it encourages you to program for starters.

29-Sep-08 07:34 PM

dfkshajke    Said...

"synthesizer demo-ist" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

04-Oct-08 02:05 AM

dfkshajke    Said...

"synthesizer demo-ist" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

04-Oct-08 02:05 AM

shekhar dhain    Said...

i aksed someone at DSI wether there'd be a keys version as was told it'd be about as possible as rockign horse excrement, given the resources poured into getting the linndrum project finished, so in the end...i caved in and ordered the module .

06-Oct-08 09:57 AM

ZR    Said...

Just bought that little yellow sucker, sounds awesome!!!!!

14-Oct-08 04:37 AM

Peter K.    Said...

anyone wanting a keyboard version could probably get by by getting the excellent Evolver Keyboard and just using its analog side.

16-Nov-08 04:07 PM

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