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Podcast: Sonic TALK100 - The Champagne Issue
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Marc JX8P    Said...

This was brilliant fun! Hope the headache is getting better soon....

I'm looking forward to hearing it all again in the mp3!

25-Sep-08 04:08 AM    Said...

Yeah, I had to listen to hear the 50% of stuff I missed, due to chat-room jokes :)

Happy 100, again



ps. Thx for the name-check..... FINALLY ;)

25-Sep-08 05:58 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Hi chaps, I also had a blast listening and chatting along @ the 100th SonicTalk pod. Keep it up !!! Thx for getting to know/talk to my co-writers around here. My pleasure !

Cya, Red !

25-Sep-08 08:42 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Btw. Nick, the talk is tagged Sonic Talk 83... :-)

25-Sep-08 08:59 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks Marc, I knew it was a bad idea to upload when I got home last night...

25-Sep-08 09:33 AM

Mike R    Said...

Great podcast!

Happy 100!!!

(Did you get a telegram from the Queen?)

25-Sep-08 09:58 AM

asiohead aka echod    Said...

Hey guys, great show ! enjoyed it just as I enjoyed all previous 99 shows ! Keep it up. With a live event once in a while :) I especially liked the Kaossilator jam at the end, brilliant !

greetz !


25-Sep-08 10:00 AM

Nomar    Said...

Please don't wait till episode 200 to do this again cheers.

25-Sep-08 11:19 AM

Andre    Said...

Mark, do a search on "Gimp Mac" on the web. That's a good freeware that mimics Photoshop.

Great podcast, btw. guys. Love it!

25-Sep-08 02:33 PM

Dan A.    Said...

Congrats on the 100th podcast! Missed it live due to work, but I just downloaded and listened to it. Great show! Thanks Nick, Dave, Mark, Rich, P.J., and NonEric for sharing your wit and wisdom. I'm looking forward to the next 100! Cheers

25-Sep-08 11:10 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Splendid! Great to hear my name mentioned near the beginning! I listened to the 'off air' chat for about 40 minutes before the fanfare, and got a real behind-the-scenes sense that made hearing the final podcast all the more knowing.

You discussed a couple of things this week which I have often thought about:

First being the pocket sized (not laptop sized) music making devise/culture. It reminds me of when that Nokia phone with the programmable monophonic ring tones would often get me booted out of people student houses because I would sit endlessly playing variations of the same home made ring tones for long periods of time. At the time, it felt like it was leading to something more substantial than disposable ring tones (i.e. serious compositions, albeit short bursts at a time) I think it is in the same universe. The only thing that puts me off the DS10 software (which indeed looks and sounds fantastic) is that you can't sync or export. I will buy an ipod touch as and when the iSynth(?) is invented for that single purpose!

The other thing is your live Kaossilator (is that spelt right?) jam! I find this particularly exiting, as it addresses the issue of improvised realtime jamming online. Jamming over skype is something I've tried to do before, and concluded that you can only ever achieve variations of ambiance. There is no bandwidth (which I have access to) fast enough to realistically simulate the experience of playing music with someone in the same room. I'd like to see the Kaossilator jam become a regular feature (now that all the gang have them). Who knows where this will lead, surely that constitutes the exploration of new territory!

26-Sep-08 07:19 PM

akaono    Said...

DAMN!! I missed it!!! :(( Next time :))

27-Sep-08 01:23 AM

Ian Webster (Krakli software)    Said...

I was not able to take part in the live aspect of the show but I am enjoying listening to Podcast no 83 (nee 100). congratulations on getting this far without running out of steam or ideas and more power to your respective elbows for the next 100

29-Sep-08 10:57 AM

Eric Schumann    Said...

too fun! you guys are awesome fun to listen to, and i loved the jam at the end! awesome!

05-Oct-08 03:40 AM

nulldevice    Said...

GIMP is the obvious solution for photo editing, but there are several other good options. I use Pixelmator, which is about US$70, and is a lot faster for basic editing functions than PS CS3. It's not as functional, obviously, but it works pretty well.

06-Oct-08 03:06 PM

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