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Sonar 8 Pre-Orders Open - Exclusive Video
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GOD    Said...

What the heck is up with Brandon's hair? LOL

I must be gettin' old

23-Sep-08 04:52 PM

Nick    Said...

Hair? Nothin. At least he has plenty, unlike myself...

23-Sep-08 04:56 PM

gertrudes    Said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the demonstration of a product, the success of which ultimately relies on its overall usefulness(fidelity, practicality or novelty, uniqueness, etc.) be exemplary of the standard to which it's designed? I'm speaking specifically about the transient shaper demo. As they show it, it's more of a kludge than an improvement on a gate/compressor/eq combination. I'm sure it has its applications, it's just odd they aren't exhibited here. Can I have a job at Cakewalk?

24-Sep-08 11:44 PM

Joseph    Said...

looks like this beatscape is gonna be THE highlight of v.8

25-Sep-08 12:04 AM

Joshua    Said...

There are those who will always prefer hardware, but I can see a lot of use for Beatscape. I like the controls that the Tube Leveler gives you over the sound, and have used plugins like the Transient Shaper (Digital Fish Phones' Dominion and the UAD SPL Transient Designer) for a number of years. Far from being a kludge, plugins like this are extremely useful. These give control over the attack and sustain/decay of a waveform independent of thresholds and volume like a compressor would. Many pros swear by the hardware these plugs are trying to emulate or improve upon:

I'm glad to see Cakewalk has decided to include this plug in Sonar 8. :-)

29-Sep-08 05:29 PM

AntMAN    Said...

SONAR 8...Taking over the market. It has just about everything a producer needs to make a hit CD project.


17-Oct-08 07:52 AM

donmarconi    Said...

Great stuff, nice new features!

Check out 2 monitors with mac OS X behind him (on windows Sonar presentation) LOL

18-Oct-08 08:17 AM

DJ Baby-Dee    Said...

Do you have or know how to sing and have vocals? let me buy your vocals for national use in (South Africa). i want House or R&B vocals for cash. email me:

21-Oct-08 06:19 AM

Dj Baby-Dee    Said...

Are you a producer? Do you have House tunes of your own? let me buy them and release them and use them in (South Africa). i want House or R&B vocals for cash. email me:

21-Oct-08 06:21 AM

DJ Baby-Dee    Said...

Are you in south africa and have house tracks of your own? contact me if your not yet booked by ther companies.

21-Oct-08 06:25 AM

Afan    Said...

George Michael did meat Boy George! Here is the proof!! LoL

24-Oct-08 06:51 PM

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