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Top 20 Weirdest Instruments - Episode 6
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Pasi Keranen    Said...

Hi Nick, why aren't you uploading the new videos to your video podcast? You could just add the advertisements to the video stream as you convert it for iPod format. That way you don't loose any advertisement opportunities but make the videos accessible to iPods. BTW, when you get your iPod Touch could you check why your the videos in MP4 streaming format on the website don't work with the iPod Touch browser. Quite often you just see the advertisement clip and then nothing.

20-Sep-08 04:10 AM

Nick B    Said...

Pasi, thanks, that's strange. I will check the params for that, last time I did it was working....

21-Sep-08 02:28 AM

Nick B    Said...

Pasi, I just checked and it seems they are? in iTunes they are there. and when played with the mp4 media player page too?

Not sure where the error lies?

22-Sep-08 04:45 AM

Veqtor    Said...

That very Buchla can be heard on our free web-releases, Analogik 1 & 2, to be found here:

23-Sep-08 06:00 PM

Pasi Keranen    Said...

hi Nick. Thanks for your reply. I'm actually able to watch the streams on my iPod from the hotel I'm staying in Montreal. Strange. I'll check if this also now works from Finland. It could be that upgrade of the iPod touch firmware to the latest 2.1 just before this trip fixed the problem...

23-Sep-08 08:12 PM

Mike Walsh    Said...


That Buchla is one crazy synth!

Only good for sound effects though?????????

Thanks for posting, really enjoy these series.........

29-Sep-08 03:07 AM

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