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Podcast: Sonic TALK099 - International Dance Party
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Boss, the mp3 seems a bit stuffed



18-Sep-08 03:15 AM

nick b    Said...

Should all be fixed now, sorry about that!

18-Sep-08 08:18 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great podcast - looking forward to next week! I'll try and be there.

18-Sep-08 02:34 PM    Said...

Yup. All good now. I'll be there too



ps. YOU MUST NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!!! (my example sol'n)

So goddam addictive it ain't funny

18-Sep-08 03:40 PM

Howard    Said...

Arr, me hearties!

You guys deserve to be gently keelhauled for not mentioning "Talk Like a Pirate Day" this year (September 19th)

21-Sep-08 03:00 AM

Michael T    Said...

If you're interested in trying out Transient Designer ype plugin:

Check out the Transient Monster - the price is right and the demo doesn't have any limitations.

21-Sep-08 08:56 PM

Don    Said...

Surely the song for the musical loo seat would be Big Log by Robert Plant?

23-Sep-08 02:12 AM

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