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Sonic LAB: Korg DS-10
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Rex    Said...

Freakin' awesome review. First rate, top drawer, highly recommended. I want more.

US Release Date is October 14, per Amazon.

12-Sep-08 01:59 PM

DJ Sean Sax    Said...

I don't usually rate reviews but that one was actually pretty tight. Better the some "pro" demos SS has shown from NAAM, Messe and such ;-)

I guess my son can expect to have to share his DS with pops come October 14th :0)

12-Sep-08 03:18 PM

Gus    Said...

Great review, thousand hands down to william, he nailed it again.

It was very illustrative and easy to understand.

BTW it WILL come out on the Americas, just a month or so away, you could just check any gaming website.

12-Sep-08 04:17 PM

Robbie Ryan aka iloveanalogue    Said...

This is Martin Gore...I demand royalties! :)

12-Sep-08 05:17 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great demo and a great product! Amazing though that it isn't released here...

12-Sep-08 06:32 PM

dok whammo    Said...

this is so unbelievably pimp.. heard about it a year ago, been waiting with bated breath ever since

ive owned a DS for a few years

another good music app for it is Nitrotracker

12-Sep-08 07:49 PM

JimBob    Said...

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

William H, you have found your medium! The web, Sonic, video reviews... you were made for this ;-]

12-Sep-08 09:24 PM

Ian Page-Echols    Said...

Nice review. I actually had the DS-10 and a DS but somehow lost them packing for a trip. I was already hitting the pattern limit for the song I was working on, so I think I'm going to find two used DS' and hopefully the US version gets here soon, as it's supposed to be cheaper. It's very fun. I miss it very much and will definitely be replacing it.

13-Sep-08 02:24 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

One really cool feature of the DS-10 which was not hinted at on the video review is that you can connect up to 8 of them together wirelessly and run their sequencers at the same time. Of course, each will need its own Nintendo DS (and cartridge) to run. But if you have 3 kids each with their own DS, you can use the "Let dad play with your DS's, kids.. after all, he paid for the sodding things" line.

13-Sep-08 11:38 AM

Quizzer    Said...

Just wondering, can you swing anything on it? It's one thing that seems to be missing from these sort of apps.

13-Sep-08 01:31 PM

love_pulse    Said...

Your reviews are always awesome! Stripped down to the bone, you rule!

13-Sep-08 05:34 PM

love_pulse    Said...

Your reviews are always awesome! Stripped down to the bone, you rule!

13-Sep-08 05:35 PM

shekhar dhain    Said...

brillaint pun there as he sequenced DM'S "stripped" in the end demo!

superb stuff!

13-Sep-08 06:53 PM

mckewans    Said...

great review, I certainly wouldn't mind getting a ds-10 now. But, is it me or does William sound like Mr Sulu?

13-Sep-08 08:22 PM

Chris Blue    Said...

William, Your reviews and insights are without a doubt the most helpful and educational submissions on the internet for me. Thank You.

22-Sep-08 01:17 PM

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