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PLASA08: Numark Serato NS7 On Show
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Dj Styles    Said...

how much is that in us dollars

17-Sep-08 04:07 AM

Banker    Said...

I'm guessing it would be around $2K, but it may be less as both companies are US based.

17-Sep-08 08:04 AM

Dj Styles    Said...

Ok since theyre both in the US does that mean it will come out 1st in the US? they said its comming out in December, i read that its Dec 8th official realese date in the UK....

18-Sep-08 12:10 AM

Mathew S    Said...

All i know is that it going to cost $1300 US dollars with ITCH and its comming out in 2008

22-Sep-08 01:57 PM

dbag    Said...

ok that looks amazing. i would totally rock that no problem, and i'm a 1200 purist when djing out (with serato of course). only problem is it's numark EWWWW. no numark your motor is still crap compared to any 1200, you shouldn't legally be allowed to compare it.

24-Oct-08 12:38 PM

Upen-Comer    Said...

Not to be a Nay-Sayer but wouldnt it be simpler to just get Serato Scratch with your system than buy one of these? Not to mention far less expensive.

26-Nov-08 06:33 PM

resident dj    Said...

yeah you could do that, but then you have to worry about control vinyls & cd's skipping and getting dirty and overall poor performance with time... this skips all that using MIDI... have one on order now just waiting till feb 2009 to get it!

13-Jan-09 10:27 AM

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