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M3 Gets Bigger
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Dave Boulden    Said...

Been anxiously waiting to buy the much fabled EXB-USB expansions for my M3-88, but certainly didn't forsee this move! Well done Korg.

12-Sep-08 05:13 AM

matt z    Said...

This update is available in the US today, at, in the Info Central section. Installing now, will get back with comments about it.

12-Sep-08 01:57 PM

matt z    Said...

I have to say, the M3 2.0 update is really solid. The new drag-n-drop functionality does make patch building and sequencing go a lot quicker.

The real star here is the new EXB-USB expansions. The piano blows the original away, lots of detail and nuance.

I am usually not a fan of Korg's brass patches, but I have to say that the brass pcm+patches that are included in expansion are a serious improvement.

The new woodwinds are also a strong addition, the flutes are crisp and expressive.

These expansions could have easily cost hundreds, but Korg put them out as a free upgrade for M3 users! Very, very cool.

12-Sep-08 09:58 PM

shekhar dhain    Said...

6 months ago, i still didnt think the M3 was cutting it with the motif xs ( which i own and have used heavily for about a year on loads of soundtrack jobs) around as VERY stiff competition...and this goes and happens! :-D

I'll endeavour to check the m3 out again once the upgrades have become "kosher"..who knows, i might even buy one! ;-)

17-Sep-08 11:05 AM

Kerzwhile    Said...

I really think this is a great move to help sell more M3's BUT its Deff. gonna hurt the Oasys sales!!! I Know they are TOTALLY diff. beasts but tons of the Oasys rom is now in the little brother! Come On Korg, Lets get more Oasys updates! How about some granular synthesis?? ;)

24-Sep-08 02:25 PM

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