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Podcast Sonic TALK098 - 100 Million Youtube Views
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dekkers    Said...

to mr. tinley: mark check this video about this app for the iphone:

a) cause his swiss accent is tiptop b) the concept is cool c) the ending of the vid (round 8.40) is mindblowing.

to hans: wir sind 82 millionen und ich kenn sie alle ;-)

11-Sep-08 04:12 AM

dekkers    Said...

blimey forgot the most important part.....

they didnt smash the protons yet... at the moment they send single protonbeams down the tube to assure that the beam stays in place and go thru the whole 27 kilometers. will take several weeks before they smash protons for the first time.... so we still got to wait for our personal black hole.

11-Sep-08 04:18 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great podcast once again! Only one more now... I hope I'll be able to join you for the live recording of no 100 but you're starting a bit early at 16:00...

12-Sep-08 04:13 AM

HG Fortune    Said...

Just for clarification: The Dreammachine has got MIDI In of course so you can transpose in realtime too ;-)

15-Sep-08 09:06 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Hi, I'm a long time listener, first time commenter etc

You guys don't know how grateful I am for having access to this kind of delightfully informal and entertaining discourse on the world of pro-audio! I was thrilled when I discovered it (around number 80) and it feels great to know there are others out there who share my passion. Good luck with episode 100

18-Sep-08 08:41 AM

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