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Blofeld Keyboard
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dok whammo    Said...

wants it sooooo bad

08-Sep-08 05:12 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

That is one beautiful synthesizer... I'm intrigued by the sample memory though; as far as I know the module Blofeld doesn't have this. Or is it ROM memory? It would be cool to use samples you made.

08-Sep-08 06:51 AM

mps    Said...

Can that price be correct?

08-Sep-08 07:54 AM

dok whammo    Said...

sounds like a new feature.. the desktop model only has VA and wavetable oscs.. not sample based ones

if its listed as having 60mb, its most likely RAM for PCM samples that can be uploaded somehow (card, usb, etc).. otherwise they would probably just list the number of fixed ROM sounds available

depending on how much manipulation of user sounds available (knowing waldorf i bet its extensive) this kind of thing would be seriously orgasm inducing

08-Sep-08 07:57 AM

Alex    Said...

very cool! Wonder if the black keys are also stainless steel. could be kinky in a way :)

maybe its just the 3d gaphics cheating my eye.

08-Sep-08 08:38 AM

BD    Said...

Shame it doesn't have incremental buttons on it... Also, where's the 25 key model?

08-Sep-08 08:50 AM

BD    Said...

shame it doesn't have any incremental buttons on this model. Also, where's the 25 key version?

08-Sep-08 08:51 AM

Cerebral Infect    Said...

At first I thought cool. Then to think of it I wondered if paying more to have a keyboard for the same user interface. I already have a remote sl (that I can create a more extensive control template on) and three other synth with keyboard that are able control a blofeld. Unless i would be in real need of an all in one synth, I'll pass.

As for the 60meg of RAM/ROM, it will be eventually integrated in a Blofeld module revision. Again I find it low, but i might be comparing apple to orange when I am comparing synth memory to computer/sampler memory.

The blofeld module is still on my list, but the keyboard is not.

08-Sep-08 12:13 PM

IFH    Said...

Exactly! I'd have bought it in a heartbeat if they'd have added more function specific knobs. So much front panel space wasted! They did the same thing with the microQ. What a useless keyboard version that was...

08-Sep-08 12:32 PM

Bernard    Said...

It's on their site now:

08-Sep-08 03:08 PM

mjb    Said...

It's official now!

For more details, see

09-Sep-08 12:33 AM


does anyone know what the accent feature is liek on the apreg? I am into 303s and have not seen this feature on any other synths.Been into synths since 84 so at last someone as added accent? Thank you and does it sound like the waldorf pulse?

21-Sep-08 06:53 AM

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