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Podcast: Sonic TALK097 - Sweet Robot Music
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akaono    Said...

Hi great as usual but your link to the uad site isn't correct

04-Sep-08 07:17 AM

Nick B    Said...

oops, well spotted - it's fixed now

04-Sep-08 08:18 AM

Dave Boulden    Said...

Just listening to the podcast, Nick. The UAD-1 was running an MPACT DSP chip... the UAD2 is running on the latest SHARC, so yes, they've had to port all the plugs to SHARC architechture. My UAD2 Duo arrived this morning and indeed a bunch of the latest plugs are not yet fully ported and will be released in an upcoming update.

The plugs are installable as native VST or native RTAS.

... and the 128 channel Neve claim is in actual fact the cards ability to run 128 instances of the 88RS mono channel strip plugin.

04-Sep-08 11:15 AM

Nick    Said...

Dave, thanks for clearing that up. Sounds like a BIG project to get all those plug ported.

Do you know is it all done in house?

05-Sep-08 02:28 AM

dave spiers    Said...

Thanks Dave. I knew it was an acronym....MPACT almost sounds like SHARC doesn't it? ;-)

We very nearly did something for the UAD-1 a few years ago and in discussions we've had over the years I can't say enough good things about the UA programming team in particular.

05-Sep-08 03:30 AM

Dave Boulden    Said...

Don't actually know if it's all done in-house... but it's quite possible since the software team is probably largely from the "Kind Of Loud Technologies" company they merged with in 1999.

Indeed a very big project... but once they're on the SHARC platform there is quite a bit more in the way of guaarnteed future development of the SHARC patform itself as opposed to MPACT which was essentially an appropriated video card.

06-Sep-08 08:10 PM

Condra    Said...

Really enjoying the podcasts. Keep up the good work. By the way, welcome back Non Eric!

07-Sep-08 11:51 PM

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