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The Art of Sampling Part 3
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shekhar dhain    Said...

I enjoyed this segment much more, possibly cause there was some portishead thrown in, who really DO push the envelope for sampling and stuff, in that they create these incredible atmospheres that on intial listening appear to be really easy to do, but there's a lot of work in there...cerebral and emotional, which i LOVE.

Now, when are depeche gonna finish the new album?...

15-Aug-08 07:04 AM

arratik    Said...

Since when was Ice-T a member of NWA?

15-Aug-08 11:24 AM

This place is a Ghost Town    Said...


15-Aug-08 04:59 PM

Jason Bateman    Said...

That "Timeline" makes no sense and is all over the place. Michael Jackson's Bad? Sign O the Times? Oasis??? WTF does this have to do with the Art of Sampling. Oh forget it..get me out of here. Stat.

16-Aug-08 02:14 AM

comment hater    Said...

I think it really helps to anchor it to a specific time, Bateman. If you'd ever read any articles that involved timelines you'd know that's what they do, Bateman. As for using the same people, what do you think this is NBC? These guys are producing really reasonable TV probably on no budget whatso ever for FREE! And aaaall you can do is complain like a whining kid. Like all your shows, this is good quality budget entertainment Sonic. Keep it coming. well done.

16-Aug-08 08:01 AM

flux302    Said...

thought it odd no mention of endtroducing being the first entirely sampled album. dj shadow created a whole genre with that album. also no mentions of ultramagnetic m.c.'s who from my understanding (correct me if i'm wrong) were the first hip hop group to use digital loops?

16-Aug-08 08:41 AM

Nick Hogan    Said...

Since this timeline has nothing to do with sampling you might as well add: 1987 - I kissed my male neighbor when we were drunk and I liked it.

18-Aug-08 05:22 AM

what    Said...

what the hell r u talking about

18-Aug-08 08:01 AM

Waveformless    Said...

I like these segments, but it would be nice if they were properly researched. It was Ice Cube who was in NWA, not Ice-T. And am I mistaken, or is this the same chick who narrated the 'Sound of Things That Hum' who referred to a TR-808 as a TB-808? This stuff REALLY isn't that tough to research.

21-Aug-08 01:39 AM

ykorooo    Said...

one wrong fact out of 4,390 pieces of info? Not bad, sonic. not bad at all.

21-Aug-08 02:56 PM

bolls    Said...

Yes you are mistaken waveformless, it isn't the same "chick" PLEASE do your research...It isn't THAT hard, is it????????

22-Aug-08 07:00 PM

Shaun Aisbitt    Said...

Hmmmm.... No Mention of those pioneers of electronic music like Jean Michelle Jarre's "Zoolook" an album totally made from samples of ethnic voices? or OMD & Kraftwerk or is it not 'cerebal' to mention those?

01-Sep-08 04:36 PM

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