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Interview: Peter Neubäcker on Melodyne DNA
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lame    Said...

how nice of you to post this video...which is a few months old.

08-Aug-08 09:45 AM

Crutch    Said...

Actually, it was only just released via the Celemony people? The product is not even available yet either

08-Aug-08 10:00 AM

DBM    Said...

Nice . They might as well build a midi out or file print in midi form to this as well ....that would be very handy .

08-Aug-08 01:48 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Did they set a release date for the thing or is it still 'sometime later in the year'? I want the full studio version. With this you should theoretically be able to extract individual instruments & mute everything else.

08-Aug-08 03:16 PM

shekhar dhain    Said...

this is an INCREDIBLE piece of software and is a real revolution musicwise in terms of technology. I wonder what the finished version will be like...

08-Aug-08 08:57 PM

shekhar dhain    Said...

it would be interesting to see how it works on dense mono mixes, such as all the bollywood stuff, which always contains a full orchestra, plus synths (70's onward), and vocals.

08-Aug-08 09:12 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great interview and a brilliant algorithm! This is great for creating libraries of universal accompanyment tracks like strummed guitar that can fit any rhythm and chord you want to use and still sound natural.

08-Aug-08 10:15 PM

SJ, Boston    Said...


I am jumping out of my skin!

This software wasn't even considered possible as recently as 15 or 20 years ago. No one could ever have predicted that we could take polyphonic audio, separate the notes, and edit them. SO cool, and so useful.

Thanks for posting this, SonicState dudes! This is why I keep coming back to your awesome site.

Take care.

11-Aug-08 01:48 AM

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