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Inside Peter Gabriel's Real World
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SJ    Said...

You know, I have no idea how anyone can get anything done in a place like this. I used to use only hardware; I recently converted all of my synths to VSTi. I have enough difficulty learning all of the basics of these instruments. If I had to deal with 100 different synths, I'd go mad. Actually, I AM mad -- but it would make me even MORE mad (and by "mad" I mean "crazy," not "angry.")


Thanks for the great videos anyway. Please keep 'em coming! Take care.

08-Aug-08 11:04 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Very interesting video, I love how organic the workspace feels, more grown than designed.

09-Aug-08 11:35 AM

Gus    Said...

Nice vids! Next it would be great to have some Yes, Marillion, Rus Dream theater or even Porcupine tree interview andstuff.

I really understand Peter Gabriel and his set up, sure he has many stuff, but it has just accumulated from years. My Ideal SEtup would be my Nord Stage (for all organs, pianos and some pads), a Blofeld, for all crazy synth stuff, and a sequencer or a workstation keyboard, preferably M3 or an MPC.

But with all that power in hardware I´ll go crazy and in software I would underestimate it. Hmmm though one.

Anyway, keep it comin Nick, I love all of your vids!

11-Aug-08 08:30 PM

shekhar dhain    Said...

that was superb!

im always a little thrown by "organised chaos", which is why i have a rule never to have more than a certain number of peices of gear in my own set up, so its to their credit that they can and have catalogued everything. SJ above has mentioned the perils of having too much gear, and thats something that never escapes me either...limitations can be a fantastic kick up the bum to induce creativity, and certainly prevents "the black hit of space" eating up all your time noodling and twiddling/ tweaking. However, the advantages are there too...Id love to get my hands on vince clarke's modular mayhem simply for the cross patching he's organised for the whole lot! :-D

12-Aug-08 03:30 PM

MrTweed    Said...

Very Insightful. Loved it.

15-Aug-08 12:13 AM

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