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Lemmy Your Stack
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Ace of Bass    Said...

Wait a minute - $2.4k for a 4x15 speaker cab? WTF?!? So for a mere $9k you can buy a 100watt bass rig - jeesus, "very limited quntities" sure - like one, the one they used for the photo...

05-Aug-08 06:12 AM

paul    Said...

Reserved mine way back.. just picked it up absolutely amazing. the coolest bass rig EVER!! I paid no where near the retail quoted!!

27-Aug-08 07:50 PM

Glenn    Said...

where did you get your lemmy stack paul?

28-Sep-08 08:46 AM

You Knee Corn    Said...

The 1979L 4x15 is a Unicorn. Just try to find ANY info like size, Ohms, weight...

27-Apr-13 06:40 PM

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