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Inside Peter Gabriel's Real World
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Ashley Smith    Said...


01-Aug-08 05:16 AM

Singing Bowl    Said...

Hey is that a Quartz Crystal Singing bowl under the table at 3:05? Yep I think it is. Nice to see the studio.

01-Aug-08 04:40 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great interview! An amazing studio environment and it's cool to not only see the gear but also get an insight into Peter Gabriels working process. Pity the studio doesn't have a webcam, would be great to check that out to see him working!

01-Aug-08 06:50 PM

Robbie Ryan    Said...

Thanks for the coverage, Nick. I'm sure from now on we'll see lots of Sonic Staters with cheap high street keyboards chained to the ceiling! LOL.

04-Aug-08 08:57 AM

Sven from Spain    Said...

Intresting footage!What an amazing relief to see that one of worlds´geniuses prefers hardware over software!

04-Aug-08 12:46 PM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah, the Casio from the ceiling rocks doesnt it? What a great idea!

Glad you enjoy it, there's more to come.

04-Aug-08 04:44 PM

andy.minor    Said...

omg, I know. I've always had the idea of wanting to do something like the Casio, but never figuring out how.

Now I know! haha

05-Jan-09 09:26 PM

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