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New Series: The Art Of Sampling
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Mattias Olsson    Said...

Mellotrons on Stairway to heaven ?

Mercury Rev using a real Mellotron and not Mellotron samples ?

01-Aug-08 05:47 PM

anon    Said...

zep used a tron on stage for the recorder parts.

03-Aug-08 06:45 AM

S-2001    Said...

Great, but much less entertaining without the Professor? Where is the bleepin' Professor!!!

05-Aug-08 03:21 PM

Simon Power    Said...

The prof has been marooned on Synth Island for a while, but will return in the next episode of the 'Top 20 Weirdest Instruments'coming your way real soon!

06-Aug-08 12:14 PM

Marek    Said...

At least two things arent right 1. English native speakers, please google the pronounciation of surnames of great composers(ie. Varese)

2. Musice concrete is a historical form of music, not a group of people. Pierre Schaeffer's collective was called Groupe de Recherche de Musique Concrète. The name should be self explanatory. I guess the person that wrote the script didn't even bother to read wikipedia article on music concrete.

Overall, nice series. Although its a bit confusing that there are no audio examples.

24-Jun-12 08:33 AM

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