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Podcast: Sonic TALK093 - Thomas Dolby and Nirvana
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dekkers    Said...

More useless knowledge ;-):

TDR used a PPG Waveterm (A, i guess)on TGAoW before switching to a Fairlight.

looki here:

Even more useless knowledge:

Reproduction: Colin Thurston Holiday 80: John Leckie Travelogue: Richard Mainwaring

After that: Ware and Craig Marsh leaving, adding the girls, Rushent producing = instant hits.

nice cast again gents.. til next week

31-Jul-08 06:32 AM

Mike    Said...


I was also at the Thomas Dolby gig at the Marquee in 1983! I recall two things: 1. One of the synths got stuck part way through a song and the enitre rig had to be rebooted!

2. The band only played 6 songs. When it came to the encore Thomas admitted not knowing any more songs. So they played the first song of the gig over again! I think the entire gig was about 40 minutes.

BTW Thomas' dad is/was a professor of Greek Art/Archecture. Magnus Pike was a family friend. That is how he got into the video.

31-Jul-08 12:19 PM

Dan A.    Said...

I've been a Dolby fan since owning The Golden Age of Wireless on cassette. I had the older version without She Blinded Me With Science but ended up buying it again as I really liked SBMWS and especially One of Our Submarines. The Flat Earth is another excellent album and one of my all time favorites.

Mark, Cool bike. I didn't realize Royal Enfield was still manufactured in India.

And, as always, great show!

31-Jul-08 02:25 PM

The Circuit Symphony - Oliver Davis -    Said...

Synthesized Drums!

Take a listen to my latest production "Thrill Us!"

Apart from the bass line ( Fantom G8 ) the rest was made from white noise with filters, gates and kick side chain compression. Most from my Roland Juno 6 and the rest from Logics ESM / ESP synths.

Quite an interesting track if you listen to whats going on.

Link to the video.

PS - The Juno 6 was signed by Roland founder Mr Kakehashi when I met him early this year.... He spelt April wrong though...:)

31-Jul-08 04:43 PM

Howard    Said...


In the video notes, MFM is actually Attork's self-built "My First Modular"

...but I'm sure Urs Heckmann will be pleased that you mentioned his monster (am I allowed to use that word now?) delay "More Feedback Machine"

01-Aug-08 06:49 AM

Eric O    Said...

I had the joy of seeing TDR last year on his "Sole Inhabitant" tour - it was fantastic, watching one guy run this entire show from a few controllers. Really fantastic performer, and engaging stage persona.

The DVD for "Sole Inhabitant" has a hlaf-hour recording of his master class at Berklee, discussing his live rig setup, and is a total gearhead's dream.

A good friend of mine used to be a developer in the early years of Beatnik, when it was still "Headspace"...eventually they sold their audio engine and software mixer to various cellphone manufacturers, causing the explosion in polyphonic ringtones.

01-Aug-08 01:51 PM

Dan A.    Said...

An update to SonicTalk 84. The winners of the B-52s remix context have been announced:

01-Aug-08 02:18 PM

Ian Webster (Krakli Software)    Said...

Bit late to these comments. Big fan of Thomas Dolby he really turned me on to non-tuned effects as instruments. Perhaps one of my favourite tracks is Europa and the Pirate twins. I was just a little dissapointed that each succesibve album seemed to get shorter with fewer tracks. Anyways another good show guys..!

16-Aug-08 09:26 AM

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