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Podcast: Sonic TALK091 - Guys Love Luggage
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SekondThought    Said...

Nick, you should really get an iPhone 3G!

I got on one Friday (after standing in line for over two hours), and it's excellent. You can get the 8GB version free for £45.00 per month (the 16GB is £59.00 on that tariff) and even though the N95 has a great camera, you owe it to your self to get an iPhone just for this, an application called Beat Maker, now available for £11.99 at the App Store...

17-Jul-08 05:28 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yeah, well it would cost me a fortune to get out of my current contract (about 6months into 18) and the camera really is the breaker...

Glad to hear you are enjoying yours

17-Jul-08 08:12 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Very entertaining podcast!

18-Jul-08 02:57 AM

Oliver Davis, Roland UK    Said...

Roland smells like ????

It smells like .... water....

Juno - For Him Jupiter - For Her

and limited edition "Vari-Spary"

Oll Roland UK

18-Jul-08 04:56 AM

Howard    Said...

FYI: The standard green pins have a higher resistance (= lower signal / modulation depth).

BTW: Replacing resistors with diodes is also useful - oh how I wish I was still a Synthi owner!

18-Jul-08 05:31 AM

Dan A.    Said...

Mark and Nick never physically met before last Friday? Wow!

Wally Badarou isn't well known, however, his contributions as a session musician include most of Level 42's work, Grace Jones, Robert Palmer, Talking Heads, and M's Pop Muzik (co-writer?) Here's a nice illustrated list from a Level 42 fan site:

I've owned his CD "Words of a Mountain" since its release - very nice music.

18-Jul-08 02:51 PM

Kpc    Said...

Have you looked at the Gator Gear Bags? They are pretty nice

18-Jul-08 05:15 PM

Dave Spiers    Said...

Anyone wanting to know more about JJ's illustrious career should look here.

His smile was as big as his talent and his death was a sad loss to the music biz and all who knew him.

19-Jul-08 10:35 AM

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