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Upgrade Little Phatty
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shekhar dhain    Said...

on a tangent- but still related- when are moog going to get around to making a revamped TAURUS pedal variant? second hand prices are fantastically stratospheric, so there is a demand there...

but perhaps the ultimate killer from them, would be a memorymoog-esque synth. My memories of that beauty/beast still bring a chuckle to this day..accompanied by shivers down the spine! ;-D

15-Jul-08 07:07 AM

Nick B    Said...

Taurus reissue - top idea.

Re Memory Moog, I spoke to Bob about this in the past when we did an interview with him and he said it was an enormous amount of work - it may be that they are going to take another look, but they are busy with the guitar I imagine..

15-Jul-08 07:31 AM

diz    Said...

actually, a two-voice, bi-timbral voyager would be a big improvement, but the thing is already costy.

i have owned memorymoogs and, well, in the end the sound has such a distinctive flavor I was mostly tweaking to avoid/create something different. I don't know why anyone would need more than 4 voices for analog synth sounds unless they're a progger.

15-Jul-08 09:41 AM

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