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Podcast: Sonic TALK090 - A Surfeit of Joeys
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Howard    Said...

Kurt Cobain Unplugged for under 20 bucks?

10-Jul-08 09:44 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great to have the podcast back! Once again very entertaining and it was cool to hear some of your results on the audiotest site I found. I was quite shocked to discover that my upper limit is around 14 kHz. I heard a 1 dB difference and 10c difference though which seems ok to me. In any case, the guy who created it did a really nice job.

10-Jul-08 03:06 PM

Dan A.    Said...

I always marvel at Jay Wasco's incredible playing and innovative instruments. He's quite fun to watch. Kevin Wyatt, who I haven't seen before, really blew me away with the Coltrane. How anyone can do that is beyond me.

Update on SonicTalk 87 - I used the Wizard Master Control Program to run a 16 note sequence and came up with something Tangerine Dreamish:

Thanks for the great show.

11-Jul-08 12:58 AM

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